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Women Who Win

Two women are the heroines of the story in Judges 4.  Both had key roles in defeating Israel’s enemy, but in very different ways. One was an up-front public figure—Deborah.  She was a prophet and also a judge who would hold court under a palm tree.  When God gave her a message for Barak, sending him to gather an army and fight their oppressors, Barak insisted on Deborah going with him!  So she was not only a prophet and a judge but a co-general of a victorious army!

But the final stroke was dealt by another woman, Jael, who never even left home!  When the fleeing enemy general stumbled into her tent (a supposed ally), she tucked him in for a nap and then finished him off.  Quite a daring deed as well!

God has a special purpose for all kinds of people—the outgoing public figures and the quiet homebodies.  What if either of these women had declined to do their daring deeds when God prompted them and gave opportunity? 

When I am weak, then I am strong.  2 Corinthians 12:10

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