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When Math Doesn’t Add Up

Here are some amazing spiritual math and science facts:

1 + 1 + 1 = 3   when it’s the Trinity.  God is three in one!  No, we can’t figure it out but God is not limited by the math He invented for us to make sense of our  little world.  I delight in worshiping a God who is great beyond my understanding Smile.

2 wrongs don’t make 1 right.  It’s not like multiplying two negative numbers which gives us a positive. 
For example, 1 unintended pregnancy + 1 abortion does NOT equal one “right.”  (No one has the “right” to kill a baby—including his/her mother!)

Gravity (physical law) always pulls us down.  But glory lifts us upward. Our body is temporal; it has to stay on this earth whether we’re alive or dead.   Our spirit can receive God’s never-ending life that give us supernatural power during this life and eternal hope beyond the grave—a life with no limits, only pure joy. 

The second law of thermodynamics says (in layman’s terms) that things inevitably run down.  But God’s kingdom is gaining power and increasing. I’ve been enjoying the book of Acts in the Bible, the story of the irrepressible power of God’s message to spread all over the world and change lives.  God is building His kingdom, and neither human or superhuman powers can stop it until finally a trumpet will sound and the announcement will be made:

“The kingdom of the world has become
     the kingdom of our Lord and of his Messiah,
          and he will rule as king forever and ever.”
                 (Revelation 11:15)

Three Basic Questions—Galatians

After a one-sitting read-through of Galatians, I saw the contents of this book from a new perspective in which the work of the Trinity in my life is highlighted, and each one is contrasted with the human factor.

Who chose and called Paul / me?  1:1-2:10

Answer:  GOD, not humans

How am I made right with God?  2:11-5:15

Answer:  FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST, not works

How can I live to please God?  5:16-6:10

Answer:  By the HOLY SPIRIT, not my sinful nature

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