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A Pop Quiz

“Take out a quarter sheet of paper.”  A pop quiz in biology—groan!! (Grrr!)  I hated them.  (Amusingly, I had a prof in college who would announce “pop quizzes” ahead of time!)  But without opportunity to prepare, how could I be confident of doing well?  Does one ALWAYS have to be ready with all the right responses?

Now many years later in real life, I find that tests—yes, God’s pop quizzes—are still there.  An aggravation suddenly presents itself.  How do I respond?  Sometimes I look back and realize that I just took a test—and failed it!  As a friend once said, when your bucket is kicked, what spills out? 

My prayer is, “Lord, sweeten me up so that when the next pop-quiz comes, I will pass:  I will respond according to my new nature in ways that please You and bless others.”

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