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It’s All About Whom?

I’ve just begun to read through another new Bible.  This one will eventually be given (with my notes) to my grandson Josiah.  As I began in Genesis, this is the facet that caught my attention:

Before Adam and Eve sinned, they were other/outward focused—to God, to the work God had given them to do, and to each other.  There was harmony, communication, and cooperation—even with the earth, plants and animals. 

When Satan came to tempt Eve, it was “all about you” (or, from Eve’s perspective, “All about me!”):

The benefits touted by the tempter:

–“You will not die.”
–“Your eyes will be opened.”
–“You will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

In today’s words, “You deserve it!” 

Just one more thought about his promise, “You will be like God…”  Doesn’t it sound familiar?  Isn’t that ambition what got Satan kicked out of heaven in the first place?    (Isaiah 14:13-15)

It is true that we were made “in God’s likeness” in terms of moral, intellectual and relational capacities.   And we are urged to be like Jesus in the perfection of his character.  But we must not presume to think that we could ever approximate His wisdom, knowledge, sovereignty, and Wholly/Holy Other-ness!  That was the problem of Satan which he passed on to the human race, and we are suffering the consequences even today.

(More next time about Eve’s response and the results of her action.)

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