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Joys of Eden


Oh the joys of a weekend at Eden, a mountain resort, away from the hot and bothered city!

Jungle-covered slopes separated by streams cascading in rocky falls

Wild flowers and vast formal gardens all displaying the Creator’s skill

Insects serenading us through the night

Deer frolicking in the freshness of the morning

A breeze through pine trees

Giant ferns towering above

Getting up early to see the sun rise between the shimmering city lights 2500 feet below and a brilliant Venus above…

A hint of light

A bit of color

Rays emerging, dividing the sky into lighter and darker wedges

Color deepening, becoming brilliant

Fiery gold focusing our attention on “the spot”…

And then finally the sun bursts forth.  We can no longer stand it; we must turn our gaze away.

Birds have awakened and begun their joyful songs.  A new day of God’s faithfulness has begun. Sun

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