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Having Fun

In going through the last piles of “stuff” to be dealt with before a major move (albeit temporary), I ran across a fun article from Good Housekeeping, June 2011, entitled “Find Time for Fun.” 

I kept it because I normally don’t consider myself a fun type of person.  But I’m intrigued about the different kinds of fun that the author, Gretchen Rubin, distinguishes.

Challenging fun:  The most rewarding but also demanding.  Like learning a sport or a new skill. 

Accommodating fun.  Doing something with friends that strengthens relationships but requires coordination with other people.  An example would be a birthday party or a family trip.

Relaxing fun.  This takes no effort or planning.  Watching TV is the prime example. 

I would like to balance my “fun” among all of these.  Building skills and creativity for one’s enjoyment and others’ pleasure, investing in time with others, and just relaxing at the end of a stressful day—each of these has its place in a well-balanced life. 

You can read the whole article at this website:

What Makes Happiness?

“The United Nations Human Development Index 2011 measures happiness in different countries based on factors such as income, education, health, life expectancy, economy, gender equality and sustainability.”  Norway, they say, is the happiest country.  The US is #4. (Source: CNN Travel website.)

Looking at the website, I don’t see the word “happiness.”  That seems to be an inference made by the CNN writer.  But assuming the viewpoint that these factors comprise happiness,what’s wrong here?  By these standards, Scrooge might have been a happy man, and definitely Bob Cratchit (father of Tiny Tim) would not be.  However, the reverse was actually true in that well-loved Christmas tale.

In this scheme, where are the following factors?

sense of purpose & fulfillment
solid loving relationships
a clean conscience
And greatest of all, faith and hope in our Creator and Savior

If you had to choose between the first list (health, wealth, long life) and this second list, which do you think would make you happier?  And do the more “developed” countries really have a corner on happiness?  Having lived in both, I think not.

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