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A Ride through the City

Yesterday my husband and I went our for our weekly coffee date.  After enjoying a caramel latte in a panda-themed coffee shop (standing out like a sore thumb in a place full of college students feverishly cramming for finals), we decided to go home by jeepney instead of walking as we had come. 

Jeepney, Quezon City

Now, my husband knows this confusing city, and he has memorized the route of almost every jeepney line. I have absolutely no understanding of them and the layout of this city is a puzzle to me!  With the convoluted route we took (with detours around a construction zone and then avoiding a Catholic church having mass), it would have been totally disorienting if I had been on my own.  But with him beside me, knowing the turf and where we would eventually end up, I could relax and enjoy the ride. 

And I did.  Peering through the open sides of the vehicle, I saw…

–groups of kids playing games with their flip-flops

–sidewalk displays of DVDs, cellphone accessories, clothing, etc.

–Muslim women swathed in yards of fabric

–a park full of people leisurely enjoying their Sunday afternoon

–slum areas with laundry hanging out the windows

–open-air fruit markets displaying marangs, mangosteens, durians…

–the Jade Dragon (Chinese) Hotel

–three young ladies sharing one small umbrella when the first raindrops began to fall.

I arrived home half-soaked but satisfied with a rich afternoon’s experience, warmly secure in the companionship of one who knew the way and could be depended on to care for me.

Life is scary, and getting scarier.  The only way to go is with the one Friend who knows the way, cares infinitely for us, and can be depended on to get us safely Home.  He is Jesus Christ, and the destination is heaven.  I’m on my way.  It might be a wild ride, but I want to hang onto him and find joy in the journey.


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