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Eyes on Jesus

This morning as we prayed for our family, I caught a phrase from my husband’s prayer—that they keep their eyes on Jesus!  He tells me of plowing a field as a boy—he kept keep the row straight by heading toward a fixed point in the distance.  (I know that’s a well-used story, but it’s true; I just double-checked with him.) 

Peter, already out of the boat, was doing just fine (walking on a stormy lake!) as long as he kept his eyes on Jesus.

In Hebrews:

–2:9-18  We do not yet see the creation restored to what it was meant to be. “But we see Jesus”…

crowned with glory and honor,
bring us also to glory,
making us holy and calling us his brothers and sisters,
freeing us from the fear of death,
helping us when tempted.

–11:27  Moses accomplished amazing things because he “persevered as though he could see the one who is invisible

–12:1-2—Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus.

So when the way is hard, when the task is impossible, when distractions beckon, I want to focus on Jesus.  That beautiful face, smiling encouragement, beaming love, cheering me on.  I’ll make it!

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