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Seeing Mom

On the eve of Mother’s Day, I looked for pictures of my mom to post.  There are too few.  The best ones I hold in my mind’s eye:

–Frosting two-layer birthday cakes with fluffy frosting while I sat on a stool and watched, then decorating them with fresh flowers

–Playing the piano and singing, just for the joy of it

–Her million-dollar smile

–Mom and Dad smooching in the doorway as their paths crossed—and again, and again  Smile

–Painting flannelgraph figures with water colors, backing them with flannel and cutting them out, then teaching Bible stories to a group of eager kids

–Packing impromptu picnics and going to enjoy them at a nearby park (or the back yard)

–Organizing and directing a church choir

–Preparing her standard dishes for a church potluck and being happy when we had lots left to eat at home

–Teaching me to iron, sew, polish shoes, cook…

–Making up my bed with fresh sheets when I was sick

–Begging Dad to stop the car and take pictures of breathtaking scenery

–And much more. 

Thank you, God, for giving me a mom who loved You, Dad, and me—in that order.  Please tell her hello for me on this special day.

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