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Career Change

It was the chance of a lifetime—if they only knew how it would end up!  These four fishermen were going about their business as usual.  Their family business was a stable income for the most part. 

Then along comes a compelling offer of a new career.  They had seen this extraordinary man before and even heard some of his teaching.  But now, he singled them out with a personal invitation, “Come with me.  Hang out with me and learn from me.  Work with me to change the world!”  This was no part-time job but a full commitment.  They would eat, sleep, and travel together with Jesus, learn from him and seek to become like him.

Did they hesitate?  Not a bit!  They left their boats, nets, income, security and all—and followed immediately.  No thoughts of keeping options open or waiting for a better offer.  It was an exciting life—often perplexing, dangerous, fulfilling, and blessed.

When Jesus calls, it’s time to go.  No delays, no regrets!  Being chosen for His team is an awesome privilege. 

Your Wish is Granted

My granddaughter and her family are at Disney World right now, enjoying a week of pure grace provided by a foundation that delights in making wishes come true for very sick children.  She was happy about this, but I suspect that it means even more to her younger sister who had been fervently praying that someday she’d get to go to Disney!

Many times Jesus invited people to pray for what they wished.  And if they had faith, it would be granted.  So here came James and John to make a request.

Jesus:  What do you wish me to do for you?

They pridefully asked for the places of honor in the Kingdom but didn’t get their wish.  (Mark 10:35-40)

Right after that, blind Bartimaeus shouted out from the side of the road as Jesus walked by.

Jesus:  What do you wish me to do for you?

Full of faith, he asked for his sight, and it was granted!  (Mark 10:46-52)

Why was one request denied and the other answered?  How can we be sure ours will be granted?

A Friendly Association and a Frightful Appearance

Four times in John’s gospel, he refers to himself as “the disciple Jesus loved.”  Obviously he felt so loved and secure in his relationship with Jesus!  And at the Last Supper, he occupied the privileged and intimate position on Jesus’ right side.

But when Jesus appears to John in Revelation 1:12-18 (especially verse 17), John faints dead away! 

One thing I love about Jesus is how He, the blazingly glorious King of Kings and Eternal God who can destroy His enemies with the breath of his mouth, is also my caring and compassionate Friend who has chosen me to be His and who concerns Himself with the details of my life.  But as I enjoy this delightful companionship, I need also to fall at His feet in awe and worship.

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