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Two Boy Kings

I remember from childhood the stories of two boy kings of Judah with similar names—Joash and Josiah.  They were seven and eight years old, respectively, when they were crowned.  Both served God in their early years and both commissioned renovations of the Temple.  But there the similarity ends.

When Joash’s godly mentors were off the scene, he and his officials made a deliberate decision to turn away from God and worship idols instead!  And when God sent Joash’s own cousin Zechariah to reprimand him, he had him killed right in the Temple courtyard.  What went wrong?

Josiah, almost 200 years later, was the son of a very wicked king, but Josiah  “began to seek the God of his ancestor David” and served Him with all his heart throughout his life.  What went right?

As a mother of three, I thank God that each of my sons has made the decision to follow the Lord with all his heart.  And as the grandmother of ten (and still counting!),  I pray that each of them will choose to do the same.  Oh, Lord, turn our hearts to You and keep us faithful!

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