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The Barriers Are Down

In the Temple of Jesus’ day  stood two barriers that could be crossed only on pain of death.  Both of these were demolished at the moment the Lord Jesus surrendered His life on the cross.

God’s Holy Presence was concealed by a “curtain” which scholars indicate was more like a twelve-inch-thick wall.  But then God ripped that barrier, flinging open the doors and inviting us to freely enjoy His presence  (Hebrews 10:21-22) .  This correlates closely with the theme in Ephesians of all things in heaven and on earth being united in Jesus Christ.  (See my March 28 posting.)

There was also a wall in the Temple courts cordoning off the area restricted to Jews.  We are told that a dire warning was posted there forbidding Gentiles from entering.  They could only come into the outermost court.  This wall is likely the historical basis for the figurative “wall of hostility” which Paul says Jesus broke down by means of his death on the cross (Ephesians 2:14).    This correlates closely with the other important theme in Ephesians of Jews and Gentiles being united in Christ.

So the barriers are down.  We are free!  Free to enjoy God in His very Presence, and free to love and accept all who trust Christ, regardless of race, culture, and denominational details.  We struggle with these here on earth, but imagine how it will be in heaven when we will enjoy perfect unity with our Father and all our siblings!


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