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What to Do with a Treasure?


I love beautiful and sparkly things!  A treasure chest full of jewels excites my imagination.  Just imagine finding such a thing.  What would you do with it? 

Put it away unopened?                                          Treasure_chest_color

Open it once in a while, glance at the contents and then stick it back on the shelf?

Take it out often, lift out one piece at a time, and examine it in the light from all angles, appreciating and admiring the brilliance of the jewels and the intricacy of their settings?

Put on a piece and wear it, letting its beauty complement your own and allowing others to share in the pleasure of viewing such magnificence?

Okay, I don’t have a treasure like that.  But I do have a better one—a Book that contains the secrets of life, joy, wisdom, peace, and much more! 

So what do I do with it?

Do I just keep it unopened somewhere in the cupboard?

Do I open it once in a while, glance at the contents, then stick it back on the shelf and go my merry way?

Do I pick it up often, read a bit at a time (or a whole chunk), and examine it carefully in the light of the Holy Spirit’s teaching within me, growing in love for the One who crafted this treasure and getting to know Him better through what it reveals about Him?

Do I “wear it” by letting it shape who I am and what I do, how I think and act?  Are others encouraged and drawn to the Artist through the display of His beauty in me?

“Your instructions are more valuable to me than millions in gold and silver.”  (Psalm 119:72)


Treasure Hunt

I love to visit the display of precious stones at the Smithsonian museum.  What wonderful things God has hidden deep inside the earth for people to find!

Did you know there is a treasure hunt tucked into the dreary chapters of Job (chapter 28)?  Look at this!  At first it seems like an amazing description of mining for jewels in a very ancient setting.  But in verse 12 we find out what the real treasure is.  And not until the very end of this chapter do we find out where it can be found! 

Okay, ready, set, go.  Go mining with these guys and enjoy the whole hunt till you find the treasure at the end!  Smile

1 “People know where to mine silver
and how to refine gold.
2  They know where to dig iron from the earth
and how to smelt copper from rock.
3  They know how to shine light in the darkness
and explore the farthest regions of the earth
as they search in the dark for ore.
4  They sink a mine shaft into the earth
far from where anyone lives.
They descend on ropes, swinging back and forth.
5  Food is grown on the earth above,
but down below, the earth is melted as by fire.
6  Here the rocks contain precious lapis lazuli,
and the dust contains gold.
7  These are treasures no bird of prey can see,
no falcon’s eye observe.
8  No wild animal has walked upon these treasures;
no lion has ever set his paw there.
9  People know how to tear apart flinty rocks
and overturn the roots of mountains.
10  They cut tunnels in the rocks
and uncover precious stones.
11  They dam up the trickling streams
and bring to light the hidden treasures.
12  “But do people know where to find wisdom?
Where can they find understanding?
13  No one knows where to find it,
for it is not found among the living.
14  ‘It is not here,’ says the ocean.
‘Nor is it here,’ says the sea.
15  It cannot be bought with gold.
It cannot be purchased with silver.
16  It’s worth more than all the gold of Ophir,
greater than precious onyx or lapis lazuli.
17  Wisdom is more valuable than gold and crystal.
It cannot be purchased with jewels mounted in fine gold.
18  Coral and jasper are worthless in trying to get it.
The price of wisdom is far above rubies.
19  Precious peridot from Ethiopia cannot be exchanged for it.
It’s worth more than the purest gold.
20 “But do people know where to find wisdom?
Where can they find understanding?
21  It is hidden from the eyes of all humanity.
Even the sharp-eyed birds in the sky cannot discover it.
22  Destruction and Death say,
‘We’ve heard only rumors of where wisdom can be found.’
23  “God alone understands the way to wisdom;
he knows where it can be found,
24  for he looks throughout the whole earth
and sees everything under the heavens.
25  He decided how hard the winds should blow
and how much rain should fall.
26  He made the laws for the rain
and laid out a path for the lightning.
27  Then he saw wisdom and evaluated it.
He set it in place and examined it thoroughly.
28  And this is what he says to all humanity:
The fear of the Lord is true wisdom;
to forsake evil is real understanding.’ ”

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