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The Gift of Tears

Tears don’t come easily for me.  My indignation rises when I hear of  godlessness and injustice, but do my deeply held convictions really grip my heart?  So I was thrilled the other day when God granted me the gift of tears.  I had just been thinking about the travesty of unborn babies being ripped apart for the convenience of their mothers and/or the insistence of family members and for the sake of abortionists’ greed in accordance with our society’s high value of sexual license.   Then unexpectedly I found my tears mingling with the dishwater there at the sink, sobbing at the fate of those precious children!  Thank you, Lord, for giving me tears!

Lord, please give me tears often to cry…

…for my brothers and sisters imprisoned and tortured for your sake.

…for women and children in slavery, exploited by cruel, greedy, and lustful men.

…for hearts so hard as to do these things to others.

…for unborn children bring torn limb from limb every day.

…for people longing for the freedom I take for granted.

…for my self-centeredness.

…for the cold, hungry and homeless.

…for those who have never known the true love of a mother, or father.

…for the poverty of my love for you and others.

…for those existing day by day with no hope of heaven to give meaning to their lives.

Your kingdom come
Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

Where is Justice?

I weep…

In Afghanistan, a young woman is raped and guess who goes to prison for 12 years–the woman!

In the United States, unborn babies up to 9 months have their skulls crushed, are brutally dismembered—and people celebrate!

In the United States, disreputable people get other disreputable people to tell ridiculous lies about a decent person—and wipe out his chance for election.

Where are the outcries of those who pride themselves on the rights of women, children, and minorities?

Where is the God of justice? 

We know He’s here, and we don’t understand why He still puts up with this crazy, evil  world.  But we know the end of the story.  He will put it all right again.  I’m thankful there’s hope.  The tiny white lights on my Christmas tree remind me why we celebrate.  He came as a helpless baby—to a woman—to an oppressed people.  He’s one of us.  He loves us.  He knows.  And He weeps….

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