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The Best Christmas

Martha had a very special guest—and lots of others, too—and she wanted it all to be just right.  (Was she the Martha Stewart of her day?)  When she poked her head into the living room to see why her sister wasn’t on duty, Jesus told her to chill.  Keep it simple!  Relax, come and join us for a while.  After all, this is Jesus’ party so enjoy Him. 

Could our Christmas be like that?  Can we reduce the fuss and bother, keep it simple and enjoy Jesus more? 

I smile when I remember a taxi driver who stopped for us several days ago.  My nervousness as I waited for my companion to cross the busy street and join me must have been obvious, because the driver chided me, “Don’t worry; be happy!”  Yes, thanks, brother!  I needed that.  And when he deposited us at the church, he said, “Praise the Lord!” 

Yes, this is going to be a good Christmas Smile.


From the Poor to the Posh

From the poor to the posh, we have experienced it all in the past few days.  And grace in it all! 

First we visited a very poor community where we had lived for a number of years. Old friends and partners in ministry met us with smiles, open arms, and generous hospitality.  Out of their poverty they gave their best, with their love.  We were profoundly touched by their stories of God’s faithfulness—and theirs—through the years.  And with churches overflowing with enthusiastic worshippers.  What a thrill it was to hear them singing their hearts out to God in their own language!

Then after a ride to the city, we were thrust immediately into another kind of gracious hospitality—that of the well-to-do.  These people, though we had never met them before, gave us a royal welcome because of a family connection between one of their relatives and one of ours.  The word “grace” came to mind repeatedly during those three days as we enjoyed their beautiful home and were taken to restaurants and tourist sites with all expenses paid.  The mention of their name was the magic key—a reminder of God’s lavish grace available to us through the name of Jesus. 

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