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Watering and Waiting

If it dies, it won’t be because I didn’t water it!  For two weeks now I’ve been conscientiously tending a corner of my tiny front yard where a friend planted a tiny hibiscus twig with a beautiful yellow bud on it.  The original buds and leaves disappeared within a few days and I thought it was a goner.  But I kept watering as instructed, and now there seems to be a new green leaf on it! 

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My mom is great with plants and my dad was an avid gardener.  My own gardening efforts began and ended the summer Dad gave me a little plot in his garden.  I planted four cabbage seeds.  Two of them came up and I watched, fascinated as real heads of cabbage formed in my spot!  Until the day when the bugs riddled them and I hoed them down in frustration.

I’m going to try to be more patient with this hibiscus because I look forward to enjoying a beautiful plant like that.  It reminds me to be faithful in other endeavors where I don’t see any progress, watering them with prayer and maybe sometimes even with tears.  If it’s God’s work, it will turn out beautiful.

By the way, check out this website for a  feast of unfurling flowers:

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