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Hanging Out with God

“I Miss My Time with You” is a song I heard again this morning in which Jesus longs for the company of one who has grown too busy for Him.  Then later a colleague shared that we are actually God’s prized possession (Ephesians 1:11-18).  It blows my mind that God would so highly value my company!

But then I pictured myself on a rare visit to my grandchildren.  (I maintain that God gave us earthly families to help us understand His family.)  How would I feel if one of them just ran past my chair with a quick wave as she hurried off to play with friends or work on a project?  Or accepted my gift with a mumbled thanks and then spent the rest of the day focused on the gift instead of the giver?

Instead I long for them to sit in my lap, whisper secrets in my ear, invite me to play their favorite game, and go looking for me when I’m out of sight. 

That’s how God feels about me.  In love

In Daddy’s Arms

Our son was calming his fussy two-month-old daughter. As soon as he started singing “Jesus Loves Me,” she stopped crying and fixed her full attention on his face.

Snapshot 9 (2-8-2012 8-44 AM) edited

Then her daddy proceeded to tell her some important things: 

Daddy:  Hi Cadence.  I love you!

Baby:  hee…eeeh

Daddy:  You’re my little girl.  Yes you are.  My precious little daughter.

Baby:  Ooo…eh.

Daddy: I’m your Daddy.

Baby:  (cries more)

Daddy:  (Cuddles her.)  “You gotta calm down.”  (Sings in her ear.)

C:  He…he…he.  (Lays her head on his shoulder.)

Okay now, replay the same scenario but with different actors!  Now I am the baby and God is my Daddy.    

He tells me I am His precious, beloved daughter.  He sings to me, holds me in his arms, close to his heart, whispers in my ear, soothes my troubled soul.

And I?  I don’t comprehend all His words but I do understand that I am loved and that He is strong and everything’s going to be okay. 

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