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Divine Irony

Job is a drama in at least three acts.  An irony where poor Job, as well as his friends, are totally oblivious of the real drama behind the scenes.

First (after Job is introduced), Satan shows up in God’s throne room and makes a bet with God that he can make Job sin.  God consents, confident that his model child, will not fail.  (I wonder, would God bet on me?) 

Then the curtains close on the heavenly stage and our attention is redirected to the earthly stage where Job is hit with one tragedy after another.  He endures days and nights of grief and suffering along with wave after wave of harangue from his so-called “friends.”  Everyone is sure that they are right, and here’s why:

1.  Job’s perspective:  a)  He knows he hasn’t sinned.  b)  Good people are not supposed to suffer.  c)  God is in control of all that happens.

Job’s conclusion:  God is being unjust, so Job desperately seeks an audience with Him.

2.  Job’s friends’ perspective:  a) Job is suffering.  b) Suffering is always the punishment for sin, just as prosperity is always the reward for righteousness.  c)  God is just.

Their conclusion:  Job has sinned and needs to repent.

3.  God’s perspective:  a)  Job is the model of righteousness.  b) God is both just and wise, but not limited to human standards.  c) His purpose is beyond the knowledge of  the humans.  Then in chapters 38-41, God blows them all away from a whirlwind with a tour of His magnificent power in creation.  No answers for the questions they asked–just He Himself!!! 

In the third main part of this drama, Job gets the prize!  He has endured and won.  He receives restored health, double his original wealth, and another whole family, including 3 gorgeous daughters. 

But most of all, God is vindicated. 

How can this story help me when I look at what’s happening to me, those I care about, my nation, and the world around me?  In Job’s darkness, his expression of hope shines all the brighter:

But he knows the way that I take;
when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.  (23:10)   Rainbow

A Morning Song

I’m up earlier than normal today, looking out a second story window, seeing the darkness and listening to the delightful varied songs of a bird somewhere in the vicinity.  This kind of bird seems to sing only in the pre-dawn hour before the other birds chirp in, which is why I rarely hear them. 

My heart is singing too this morning because God is good. 

He has shown his love by giving my husband a safe trip back here to Asia last night.. 

He is good and loving even when I experience physical pain that mystifies and scares me.

He is good when I face the unknowns and threats of the coming year. 

He is so good to give me His Word which encourages and delights me daily. 

Now it’s getting lighter.  As I look over the treetops at the mountains beyond,  a cloud that resembles a man’s right hand is lying right on top of the mountain, as in blessing.  Because God has his hands on this world and on my life, I can go into this day with confidence!

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