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Peppered with Providence

Ezra saw God in everything!  As I read his book, I find a liberal dose of Providence peppered throughout.  God stirring hearts, watching over people, causing a king to be favorable, and placing his “gracious hand” on his people.  Just look at the things that were accomplished as a direct result of God’s intervention in chapters 1-8:

–The Persian king released the captive Jews to return to their homeland. (1:1)

–Jewish leaders decided to go back and rebuild the Temple which had been destroyed. (1:5)

–Their enemies were unsuccessful in stopping them. (5:5)

–The king supported their work on the temple. (6:22)

–The king gave Ezra all he asked for, for his trip to Jerusalem. (7:6)

–God gave Ezra wisdom to appoint leaders. (7:25)

–God encouraged him in his efforts to prepare for the trip. (7:28)

–God provided the right people to go along and serve in the Temple. (8:18)

–God protected them from enemies on the bandit-infested route. (8:31)

And the work was done!  So why am I discouraged about the “impossible” tasks on my plate?  

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