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On a Journey

In the past few hours, I’ve taken a big step into another world—or rather, to the other side of this earth.  Upon entering the first airport, I got this same old feeling of rootlessness.  My feet were no longer planted in the environment where I’d spent the past four months, nor were they set in the world to which I was going.  I was on the journey, and life went on pause.  Nothing seemed real except for the meals, movies, and vain attempts to sleep.   

Lines from a couple of songs express my feeling and remind me of this present journey to my real and eternal Home:

“There is a joy in the journey…”  (by Michael Card)

“And let this journey be my home…”  (from “I Will Go,” by Steve Green and Douglas McKelvey)

On my journey, I am not in control.  I stand in line as instructed, pass through inspections, sit in my assigned seat, endure delays).  On my way to heaven, I am trying to learn gracious submission and flexibility to whatever situations God allows, knowing that it means growth in character and usefulness to Him.

On my journey, there are fellow travelers.  Others are traveling with me to heaven—my brothers and sisters. I need to learn to love and serve them, enjoying the trip together.

My journey has a limit and a destination; it will not last forever.  Whatever frustrations and difficulties I experience in this temporary life will be forgotten as soon as I step into that joyful new world. 

God, give me grace to be sweet, patient, flexible, and useful to You, to make the most of this journey, however long it may be—for Your glory, for the benefit of my fellow travelers, and even for my own sweeter pleasure when I reach my Real Home.

Maranatha!  Come Lord Jesus!

Faithful & Flexible

What does God mean when He calls someone stiff-necked?  According to my study Bible, the person is being compared to a plow animal that stubbornly refuses to take a yoke.  Or in equine terms, this could be the equivalent of an unbroken horse.  In either case, the animal is virtually useless to its master.

Faithful and flexible.  This phrase has been rattling around in my head in the past few days.  This is what I need (and want!) to be through all the changes.  Keeping my goal in mind:  Serving my Master, becoming more like Him.  But being willing to follow a change in the game plan, or even live with ambiguity.  Now, that’s a challenge.

A Wild Week

I look at my calendar and laugh.  Last week was an amazing drama as the Lord has changed our plans more times than I can count, and yet keeping one step ahead of us the whole way. 

On Monday morning, we were returning from a visit with friends two hours from home.  On the way, a phone call directed us to go straight to the hospital where my father-in-law had been taken.

On Tuesday, elderly relatives we’d been planning to visit on Wednesday called to say they weren’t up to it.  So that was crossed off our calendar.  But we were needed to help with Dad for those two days.

On Wednesday, friends from over an hour away whom we’d invited for Thursday supper called to say they had been called to our town that day to attend to a dying relative, and could we get together Wednesday evening instead of Thursday?  Sure!  And we had a great time together.

On Thursday, we were to meet friends for lunch before taking Dad from the hospital to a nursing home for recuperation.  But early that morning our friends cancelled due to a busy schedule, leaving us with a clean slate for the day.  And what a wild day it was!   For fun, trace our adventure that day (a comedy compounded by the complexity of loading and unloading wheel chairs and a walker into and out of the car at each stage).

–Dad’s discharge from the hospital gets changed from afternoon to morning.  The next step will be a nursing home for a few days of therapy.  We stop at their apartment to pick up my mother-in-law (in a wheel chair) and head for the hospital.

–Nursing Home #1 (nearer home) has no vacancies, so we take him to Nursing Home #2.  Put his things in the drawers, answer questions and fill out papers for 45 minutes.  After they serve us lunch, we return to his new room. 

–Cellphone rings.  We are informed that there is now an opening at Nursing Home #1!  So we try to gather all the pieces and head for the door.

–On our way out the door, cellphone rings again and informs us that Nursing Home #1 can’t take us for another hour or so due to an activity in progress.

–We load up anyway and head for town and get an ice cream cone (in the car) Smile

–Finally we get to the nursing home and get settled without further ado!  Everyone is tired and yet tickled at the way that day unfolded. 

God, what do you have planned for me today?  Another lesson in flexibility?  I hope I’m learning!

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