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Justice for the Poor—Two Sides

In Exodus 23, I was intrigued to find two verses demonstrating the delicate balance of justice in regard to the poor:

Verse 3: …you must not show partiality to a to a poor man in his lawsuit.
Verse 6:  You must not turn away justice for your poor people in their lawsuits.

God’s standards of justice are the same for the rich and the poor, the nobody and the influential person.  A poor person isn’t automatically right just because he is poor.  Neither is a rich person to be favored based on his economic position and influence.  Our God sees us all as equals among His creation, each one having infinite worth and worthy of respect.  On the other hand, each of us is answerable to His righteous standards.

Where is Justice?

I weep…

In Afghanistan, a young woman is raped and guess who goes to prison for 12 years–the woman!

In the United States, unborn babies up to 9 months have their skulls crushed, are brutally dismembered—and people celebrate!

In the United States, disreputable people get other disreputable people to tell ridiculous lies about a decent person—and wipe out his chance for election.

Where are the outcries of those who pride themselves on the rights of women, children, and minorities?

Where is the God of justice? 

We know He’s here, and we don’t understand why He still puts up with this crazy, evil  world.  But we know the end of the story.  He will put it all right again.  I’m thankful there’s hope.  The tiny white lights on my Christmas tree remind me why we celebrate.  He came as a helpless baby—to a woman—to an oppressed people.  He’s one of us.  He loves us.  He knows.  And He weeps….

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