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Pigs or people?

It’s another normal day.  The field work, the children, the cooking, laundry, watching the pigs…  oh yes, and the local madman living in the cemetery just  outside town.  They’ve tried to tie him up but it was no use, so they just avoid him and hope he leaves them alone.  (Story from Mark 5:1-20)

Then comes Jesus and invades their day.  Upsets their world.  What did He do?  He, who had the power & authority to liberate this human being from the demons that had reduced him to a beastly existence, took pity on him and did just that. 

I don’t know why Jesus allowed the demons to invade the herd of pigs and drive them to drown themselves in the lake.  But obviously, His priority was the life and sanity of one man, much more precious than a herd of pigs. 

Normally, when Jesus did a miracle, the people who witnessed it were thrilled.  Not so this time.  When the townspeople came out to see what had happened, this was their reaction:

–They were afraid. (Mark 5:16)  Why?  Of having their world upset?  (Surely not afraid of a man who was no longer violent…)

–They begged Jesus to leave them!  They preferred the company of pigs and madmen.

Which do you and I prefer today? 

–Life as usual, economic security, tolerance of evil as long as it stays in its place?


–Jesus sweeping in with His pity and power, bringing freedom for the hurting and oppressed?

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