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A Bit of Heaven

I’m still reveling in the joy and beauty of the other evening with our son and his young family.  A neighbor had brought over a new picnic table for the deck, so we all went out and sat around —six children and seven adults, including the “other” grandparents, our very sick granddaughter and her nurse. 

We basked in the perfect temperature and prolonged light as the sun prepared to set behind the trees.  The birdsongs were extraordinary.  Before us lay the yard with its lush lawn and colorful garden. The kids entertained us with creative tricks on the swing set.  We savored yummy mini cheesecakes that another neighbor had brought.  We enjoyed one another’s company as we chatted and then gathered the kids back on the deck for “Bible time” from a book for children about heaven, which is much on our minds these days. But this evening was a foretaste of heaven, and I will always cherish its memory. 

Thank you, Father, for these feasts for the senses, mind, soul, and spirit.  You are so good!

A Morning Song

I’m up earlier than normal today, looking out a second story window, seeing the darkness and listening to the delightful varied songs of a bird somewhere in the vicinity.  This kind of bird seems to sing only in the pre-dawn hour before the other birds chirp in, which is why I rarely hear them. 

My heart is singing too this morning because God is good. 

He has shown his love by giving my husband a safe trip back here to Asia last night.. 

He is good and loving even when I experience physical pain that mystifies and scares me.

He is good when I face the unknowns and threats of the coming year. 

He is so good to give me His Word which encourages and delights me daily. 

Now it’s getting lighter.  As I look over the treetops at the mountains beyond,  a cloud that resembles a man’s right hand is lying right on top of the mountain, as in blessing.  Because God has his hands on this world and on my life, I can go into this day with confidence!

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