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Two on the Fringes of Society

Two men, each on the fringes of society, were stationed along the road one day in Jericho when Jesus passed by.  And they were never the same again.

Both of them wanted to “see” Jesus, but both had a problem.  Bartimaeus couldn’t see Jesus because he was blind.  Zacchaeus couldn’t see Jesus because he was too short to see over the crowds. 

Bartimaeus was destitute, handicapped, pitied, helpless.  But not stupid.  He had heard about this miracle-worker, so when he heard that “Jesus of Nazareth” was passing by, he recognized who this really was:  the Messiah, Son of David!  And this was his big chance.  He was not going to be put off.  “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”  And He did!  Bartimaeus was healed and joined the crowds of excited people following Jesus, praising Him even more because of this miracle.  Bartimaeus’ life was totally changed from that moment. 

As the procession continued through the city, it passed Zacchaeus, a powerful and wealthy man who had two handicaps.  He was short, and everyone hated him!   He had climbed a tree in order to overcome the first of these problems and see Jesus!  This time, it was Jesus who initiated the contact, stopping right under “his” tree and inviting Himself to Zac’s place for dinner, much to his delight!  And the crowd?  They turned from praising Jesus to criticizing Him for associating with a public enemy: a cheating tax collector who had fattened his purse at their expense.  But again, Jesus’ touch on this man’s life completely transformed him.  By the time He left the house, Zacchaeus had been so changed that he vowed to restore four times as much to everyone he had cheated, plus to give half his possessions to the poor. 

Has Jesus’ touch changed your life? 

What happens when Jesus comes?  Listen here:

Through the Eyes of a Blind Man

After Jesus restored Bartimaeus’ sight, he followed Jesus (and his whole entourage) up the road to Jerusalem.  Connecting the dots, this puts Bartimaeus in the very crowd that celebrated Jesus as their coming King with waving palm branches and shouts of “Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!  Blessed the coming kingdom of our ancestor David!” 

And how appropriate, because even before he was healed, Bartimaeus had twice addressed Jesus as “Son of David” as he called out to him for healing.  This Son of David who had healed him was the coming King and worthy of his highest praise! 

How long and far do you suppose Bartimaeus followed Jesus?  Did he witness Jesus throwing the merchants out of the Temple?  Did he listen to Jesus’ wise answers to the religious leaders bent on trapping him?  Did he watch Jesus being crucified and did he see Him after he was raised to life?  Do you suppose Bartimaeus was one of the first 120 believers who gathered in the upper room and  then experienced the coming of the Holy Spirit?  So many questions to ask Bartimaeus when I see him in heaven…

Maranatha!  Come,  Lord Jesus!

Your Wish is Granted

My granddaughter and her family are at Disney World right now, enjoying a week of pure grace provided by a foundation that delights in making wishes come true for very sick children.  She was happy about this, but I suspect that it means even more to her younger sister who had been fervently praying that someday she’d get to go to Disney!

Many times Jesus invited people to pray for what they wished.  And if they had faith, it would be granted.  So here came James and John to make a request.

Jesus:  What do you wish me to do for you?

They pridefully asked for the places of honor in the Kingdom but didn’t get their wish.  (Mark 10:35-40)

Right after that, blind Bartimaeus shouted out from the side of the road as Jesus walked by.

Jesus:  What do you wish me to do for you?

Full of faith, he asked for his sight, and it was granted!  (Mark 10:46-52)

Why was one request denied and the other answered?  How can we be sure ours will be granted?

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