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Watching and Working

My mom tells me that I used to “sit onna ‘tool, wats Mommy” while she baked.  I took it all in and learned by watching.  In fact, whenever I make a pie, I remember how she used to make a paste to blend into the dry mixture and then chill it for a while before rolling it out.  I remember how she would put dabs of butter over the fruit before fitting the top crust, and prick a design of holes in it.  And her goodies were the best!

Then I think of Jesus’ disciples.  They spent years with Him, watching Him work—doing miracles, teaching, and caring for people.  Then it was their turn as He sent them out to do the same things. And they did!  God’s power also flowed through them to heal and bring the words of life.  What a privilege to be with God, watch Him at work, and then participate in that work!

God is still at work.  We don’t read much about that on the major news networks, but if we know where to look, we can “watch” His amazing work going on all over the world.  And we can be part of it—by praying for that lonely Christian in prison halfway around the world and for our neighbor next door.  By being faithful in the assignment God has given to us, even if it seems insignificant.  And much more.

Just ordinary people,
God uses ordinary people.
He chooses people just like me and you,
who are willing to do as He commands.
God uses people that will give Him all,
no matter how small your all may seem to you;
because little becomes much
as you place it in the Master’s hand.

Oh, just like that little lad,
who gave Jesus all he had;
How the multitude was fed
with a fish and loaves of bread.
What have may not seem much,
but when you yield it to the touch
of the the Master’s loving hand,
then you will understand how
your life could never be the same.

           Lyrics by Danniebelle Hall

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