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What’s in a name?

Expecting our 13th grandchild in just one month, we’ve been asked to pray for a wise choice of a name for him/her. Choosing a name for a child is difficult.  It should be distinctive enough but not odd, nice-sounding and easy to pronounce.  And the initials shouldn’t spell any objectionable word! 

When I was little, I thought my parents had made a poor choice and I let them know I would have preferred “Gorence Cheese.”  Gorence because it sounded like my great-aunt Florence whose name I heard my mom and grandma mentioning with affection.  And Cheese because that was my favorite food.  How glad I am that I didn’t get my way!

I have never had a nickname, though some well-meaning people try to express friendship by shortening my name to the first syllable.  

What intrigues me, however, is that God Himself has a special name for me.  “To everyone who is victorious … I will give to each one a white stone, and on the stone will be engraved a new name that no one understands except the one who receives it.” (Revelation 2:17)  What do you suppose it could be? 

To Abram he gave a new name meaning ‘Father of many,’ and He renamed Jacob to Israel, ‘He struggles with God.’  Simon was renamed Peter, ‘Rock.’  These new names reflected God’s perspective and purpose for them.  So what is my secret name in God’s book? 

Whatever it is, I know it will be most lovingly and carefully chosen to reflect my Father’s unique love for me.  And when He calls that name, I will be listening and I’ll joyfully respond. 

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