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True Perspective

I really identify with Asaph.  He’s the guy who was fuming over the teflon-coated “fat cats” who never seemed to get what they deserved for all their pride, cruelty, wickedness, and total disregard for God. He even got to wondering if his own pure life was all in vain—UNTIL he came face to face with God and got it all in proper perspective. 

So what about me?  Like Asaph…

…I look around me.  Life seems so unfair!  I become cynical.
…I look within me.  I am bitter, foolish, ignorant.
…I look up—at God. 
            He holds me, guides me, leads me to a glorious destiny.              
            He is all I want, all I need. 
            He is the strength of my heart no matter what happens. 
            He is mine forever. 

And I am secure!

(Taken from Psalm 73.)

Two Beloved Children

A movie called “Someone Else’s Child” jumped out at me one evening when I needed some mindless relaxation.  Inspired by actual events, it turned out to be the gripping story of Corey, who gave birth and then realized eight years later that Christopher, whom she had raised and loved very much, was not her son!  Eventually she finds her own son, named Nelson by a couple who adopted him but turned out to be abusive.

Corey ends up formally adopting Christopher to ensure that he stays with her.  But she also refuses to give up her rights to her natural son.  The two boys are told the truth about the situation and have a chance to get acquainted; they get along famously.  Amazingly, Christopher is not jealous of his mother’s love for Nelson.  He is totally secure in the love of his mother and grandparents, and a close tie develops between the two “brothers.”  The movie ends on an optimistic note and one hopes that eventually both boys will be securely united with Corey, living as one happy family. 

Well, I love analogies, and it dawned on me that this is a beautiful picture of God and His two children.  The Jews are His children by birthright but have been separated from Him for a very long time.  He longs for them, but meanwhile we Gentile believers in Christ have been adopted into His family, living in his home, enjoying His love and blessings.  But God is still seeking to regain His other child, the Jews, and eventually He will.  Should we Gentiles be jealous?  Should we deny their right to the Father’s love, their place in the family, and their share of the inheritance?  No!  Rather, we are enriched when they come to find their true home, their true family in their Father’s house.  God’s love for us Gentiles is not in the least diminished because of his love for his “birth children,” the Jews.  His loving heart expands to receive all who come to Him.

One day we will live all together as God’s happy family.  And oh, what a great reunion that will be! 

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