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An Adventure with God

“Going on an adventure with God” is a phrase that comes to mind from time to time when a step of faith is called for, something that takes me out of my comfort zone.

First, this phrase seems wonderful, intriguing.  “With God” is the exciting part.  Like being invited to go with Dad on a special excursion, one-on-one.  But “adventure,” which would excite some, sounds a bit scary to me.  Yet there are new things to do, to discover, the thrill of the new, of the opportunities to trust God and see Him work in ways I’ve never yet experienced, of looking back and saying that was great and I’m so glad I didn’t chicken out.

Like when we were in Israel and I found Wadi Zin 3myself hiking along Wadi Qilt with a sheer drop-off to the right of my path!  Or down in another wadi where we came to a tall ladder built into the face of a cliff (I didn’t dare look up to see how high it was)  which we HAD to climb!  I just took one rung at a time, after the person in front of me, and made it finally to the top!  These were faith-builders.

But normally, if I have my “druthers,” I’d stay home, safe in my rocking chair, and leave the adventuring to others.  Adventuring is scary.  I’d have to face my fears and limitations.  Things I can’t handle.  I’d be forced to depend entirely on God, my Shepherd and companion.

When He holds out His hand, looks into my eyes and asks me to go on an adventure beyond my comfort zone, will I go?  Or will I chicken out and miss the thrill?  I must remember He won’t take me where He will not keep me.

Yes, Lord—help me say yes whenever those times come.

Comments on: "An Adventure with God" (2)

  1. Mary and Bill said:

    I’m so glad that the “adventures” you mentioned have not been required of me!! Others have, and God does supply His grace and protection, praise Him!

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