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That Mysterious Mr. Darcy

Alert Pride and Prejudice fans!  Having just enjoyed this movie again for the umpteenth time, my mind keeps returning to the mysterious Mr. Darcy.  A handsome man of incredible wealth, he both fascinates and infuriates the heroine, Elizabeth, who eventually sees his true character and learns to love and trust him deeply and unwaveringly. Note these things about his character:

–Mr. Darcy seems stern to those who don’t know him well but is loved and highly respected by those who do.

–He has fathomless riches and is a generous benefactor.  He also requires accountability of his beneficiaries.

–He is slandered by his enemy but doesn’t retaliate.  In fact, he graciously & anonymously pays the debts of this enemy in order to rescue a foolish girl from disgrace.  Motivated by love for the girl’s sister, he undertakes a long and tedious search through the slums which were far below his natural station in life.

Is this beginning to sound like someone else you know of?  Motivated by love and compassion, Jesus Christ set aside his incredible wealth and position in heaven to search out foolish and rebellious people, saving them at the cost of his own life.  He is hated and misunderstood by many but loved and honored by those who really know him.  He offers unfathomable joy, fulfillment, security, and even the wealth of all heaven to those who accept his offer to belong to him.

And yes, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth marry and live happily ever after Smile


Comments on: "That Mysterious Mr. Darcy" (3)

  1. I love Pride & Predjudice! Had never thought of the Christ comparison, but what a thought! That is exactly what He did! 🙂 Keep blogging!

  2. Fun to read your blo9g again and appreciated the insights you always share.,

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