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Without Christ…

Today I want to share with you some choice thoughts from the Puritan writer John Owens, as quoted by Tim Challies on his blog. Note the startling implications following each positive statement.

A list of seven things that Christ is:

  1. He is the Way; men without him are Cains, wanderers, vagabonds:—
  2. He is the Truth; men without him are liars, like the devil, who was so of old:—
  3. He is the Life; without him men are dead, dead in trespasses and sins :—
  4. He is the Light; without him men are in darkness, and go they know not whither:—
  5. He is the Vine; those that are not grafted in him are withered branches, prepared for the fire:—
  6. He is the Rock; men not built on him are carried away with a flood:—
  7. He is Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, the author and the ender, the founder and the finisher of our salvation.

It reminds me of an old song from the ‘70s:

Men are trying to find the answers to the questions that never cease
They find in life there’s something missing; they are looking for release
And the way to peace.
    He is the way; without Him there’s no going
    He is the truth; without Him there’s no knowing
    He is the life now and eternally
    He satisfies the searching heart and fills men with His love so rich and free!


Comments on: "Without Christ…" (3)

  1. That list of 7 things is very interesting. It seems to be based directly on the Word, not on someone’s doctrinal tradition. It focuses on who he is, not about who we are; who we are is because of who he is. Just curious: did John Owens have a list of the opposite side (stating “men with him are…”)… ?

    • Hi Becca! I assumed this was all part of his original writing, though I didn’t actually look it up. I did just now search for John Owen (note, no “s”) on Internet and came up with a long list of stuff from him, which should be very good reading.

    • Just looked a bit more, and quite sure that this was part of his original writing. There are literally volumes of stuff out there that he wrote, including at least one website devoted to his work.

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