Glimpses of grace seen in the everyday

The Generosity Game

Early in our marriage we tacitly decided never to play Monopoly with each other.  It’s just too cruel a game.  Then a decade or so later, a distant cousin of my husband came up with a game that was on the market briefly, called Generosity.  I think of it often because its philosophy and goal was so counter-culture. 

–The goal of the game was not have the most money or property on hand, but to have stored away the most money in your “heavenly treasure chest.” 

–In order to put money in that “heavenly treasure chest,” you had to draw a card that invited you to give some of your own money to a specific cause such as missionary work, helping a poor person, etc.  BUT that’s not all.  You had to draw another card to determine whether your attitude was right or if it stunk!  (God loves a cheerful giver!)  Only if your attitude was good did you have the privilege of giving.

The game has been passed on to one of our kids.  I hope his family will not only enjoy playing it but will also learn well its godly principles of money management, of kindness and of true values.


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