Glimpses of grace seen in the everyday

Thoughts in a Departure Area

Waiting for my flight, I smile as I remember a man in the check-in area carrying a box with holes in it and tail feathers sticking out the end.  Smile

Now I watch passengers going down the jetway just a few yards, then out the side exit and down the stairs to the tarmac.  There, they are offered bright yellow umbrellas for the one-minute walk to the airplane. I should add that it’s a bright, sunny day. 

Another thing I notice is smiling faces, even the guards.  I appreciate that friendly spirit.

Whenever I set out on a trip (even just a short flight), I have to reorient my thinking.  I need to release to the Lord my “need” for security and familiar surroundings and remind myself that He is my Companion, my Guard and my Provider  Nothing’s going to happen that He has not planned already and made provision for.  And I must say, He has never let me down–whether the trip was extra delightful (such as a nice chat with the taxi driver) or more complicated.  Getting out of my nest provides a chance to trust Him in different ways and delight in His company. 

These lines of a song, by Keith Getty, have been running through my mind a lot lately:

May this journey bring a blessing
May I rise on wings of faith
And at the end of my heart’s testing
In Your likeness let me wake.


Comments on: "Thoughts in a Departure Area" (4)

  1. A very good devotional, Donna. It is a reminder to me not to be anxious in my life journey because He has ordered our steps. It surely is more difficult in this present troubled world to not be overly concerned about the future. But…we must trust or it is sin and rebellion NOT to believe he can do what He says he will do. I love your straightforwardness in writing.
    Be blessed and kept!

  2. Fun observations! And yes, even on our short “journey” these past few days, I had some moments of “dis-ease” from being in unfamiliar territory. Too bad I couldn’t read your reminder at the time –but I did remember God’s promises to always be with us . . . Mostly, though, our journey was good. 🙂 Let’s share our stories over coffee this weekend . . .

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