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The Best Christmas

Martha had a very special guest—and lots of others, too—and she wanted it all to be just right.  (Was she the Martha Stewart of her day?)  When she poked her head into the living room to see why her sister wasn’t on duty, Jesus told her to chill.  Keep it simple!  Relax, come and join us for a while.  After all, this is Jesus’ party so enjoy Him. 

Could our Christmas be like that?  Can we reduce the fuss and bother, keep it simple and enjoy Jesus more? 

I smile when I remember a taxi driver who stopped for us several days ago.  My nervousness as I waited for my companion to cross the busy street and join me must have been obvious, because the driver chided me, “Don’t worry; be happy!”  Yes, thanks, brother!  I needed that.  And when he deposited us at the church, he said, “Praise the Lord!” 

Yes, this is going to be a good Christmas Smile.


Comments on: "The Best Christmas" (5)

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Donna. The “season” intrudes into our existence and makes us tense and less aware of the “reason”. I have been reading CHOOSING GRATITUDE by
    Nancy Leigh DeMoss. It is a delightful book that I have read several times…also has a 30-day devotional included. Have a blessed Christmas and New Year!!!! We will be in Dallas.

  2. i’m so guilty of this, Donna! feeling like everything has to be right, instead of enjoying the people and the moment and God’s goodness right where i am. thanks for the reminder to not let the fuss infringe on the celebration that He has come! Merry Christmas!

  3. Last night was our first family gathering for Christmas. It was a joy because I did not fuss and ruin the occasion. We have such a wonderful family! Every member knows Jesus and I am so thankful . We had a beautiful time of praying,visiting, fellowship and gift exchanging.
    All praise to God our Savior for transforming my attitude. Of course I will need to work on that again and again!.

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