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The Stuff of Nightmares

The taxi ride was really stressful, dodging traffic and dangerous situations.  Wondering if my driver was really “there” and competent.  By the time I got to my destination, I was so rattled that I jumped out of the car without even thinking of my purse, the flowers in the back seat, or my suitcase in the trunk!  Then—you know the physical feeling you get when you just realize you’ve lost your wallet?  Well, it was awful.  I wanted to deny it, delay whatever had to be done.  But a friend took me aside and advised me to take care of things right away.  But how?  I hadn’t taken down the number of the taxi, and it was a yellow taxi just like gazillions of other taxis teeming the streets.

And then it was all over.  I woke up.  It WAS a nightmare!  Thank God.  It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and life is normal. 

But wait.  One day I really will “wake up” in the most wonderful place of all and realize that this earthly life was just a dream.  All the stresses and sorrows will be faint memories as I open my eyes to focus on true reality, true beauty, true LIFE!

Maranatha!  Come, Lord Jesus!


Comments on: "The Stuff of Nightmares" (4)

  1. Esther Parker said:

    Yes, yes, yes! Looking forward to that day! Thanks for writing “The stuff of Nightmares”. Esther Diller Parker

  2. oh, Donna! you had my heart racing, wondering how you resolved that one!! 😆 so glad it was just a dream.

    and so glad that there’s more to life than this life! even so, come Lord Jesus!

    • Haha! Well, nightmares do get our hearts racing. Only later can we smile. Like that song, “And things of earth that cause the heart to tremble remembered there will only bring a smile.”

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