Glimpses of grace seen in the everyday

Feeling Sheepish?

“Hundreds of sheep followed their leader off a cliff in eastern Turkey, plunging to their deaths this week while shepherds looked on in dismay. Four hundred sheep fell 15 metres to their deaths in a ravine in Van province near Iran but broke the fall of another 1,100 animals who survived. Shepherds from a nearby village neglected the flock while eating breakfast, leaving the sheep to roam free. The loss to local farmers was estimated at $74,000.”  (Report from BBC, July 8, 2005)

Blindly following a leader has gotten lots of people into trouble, too. That’s why we need the Good Shepherd, the Lord Jesus who watches over us and has given His life to save us from the foolish consequences of our headstrong ways.  Will we follow Him or wander off to do our own thing—or follow “other sheep” into total ruin? 

“All of us, like sheep, have strayed away.
We have left God’s paths to follow our own.
Yet the LORD laid on him
the sins of us all.”  (Isaiah 53:6)


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