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The World a Chessboard

The other day at a mall we saw hundreds of chessboards set up and young contestants arriving in yellow-and-white t-shirts.  Chess is a game I don’t care for, personally, because it takes too much thinking.  I prefer more relaxing activities in my free time. 

But I did ponder a similarity between chess and real life—the lives of people and nations.  Both are serious, intense.  People and nations, like chess players, are out to promote themselves and their interests at the expense of others. 

Now just imagine a dog or toddler coming along and dumping over the whole board with its strategically placed pieces.  Poof! It’s all gone—unless someone was recording every move. 

The time will come when God will swipe his arm across the chessboard of the world, in one fell swoop dismantling nations, rulers, resources, plans, pride, programs, powers, intrigue, intelligence, human wisdom and achievement.  Then He will set up His own glorious Kingdom, where He will reign unopposed with perfect justice, goodness, power, and wisdom.  His subjects will be those who have gladly accepted His sovereignty over their lives.  I’m so thankful to be one of those! 

Maranatha!  Come, Lord Jesus!


Comments on: "The World a Chessboard" (2)

  1. Sue Gratz said:

    Thanks, Donna, for another good one!
    We trust you and family are healing after Emmeline’s home going into the arms of Jesus. We watched the home videos and realized what a beautiful perceptive child she was..

    • A belated reply to you, Sue. Catching up still! Thank you for your sweet comments about Emmeline. As someone said, “She’s saving us a seat there.” I love that.

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