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What’s to Live For?

“Remember that God is All Good, All Wise, and All Powerful.”  That was my reminder to my sister as I saw her and her husband into a taxi this morning, going to see a doctor about serious medical issues.  Another couple I just got to know both came down with dengue fever yesterday.  A friend texted me about multiple family problems.  Is there no end to problems?

The morning that my granddaughter died, I confessed to the neighbor that if it weren’t for the confidence I have in my relationship with Christ and the assurance of a home in heaven, I would have no reason to go on living.  Not that my life is so bad; it’s pretty good, really.  But what would be the use of purely temporal pleasure or satisfaction?

Watching TV in an airport the other day I compared the shallow temporary goals that the programming was appealing to, with the goals that that give permanent satisfaction:

Shallow temporary goal:  a perfect body, beautiful and healthy
     Satisfying lasting goal:  wholeness of soul and spirit

 Shallow temporary goal:  wealth
     Satisfying lasting goal:  God’s provision for today and eternal riches in heaven

 Shallow temporary goal: admiration and acceptance
     Satisfying lasting goal:  to be loved and accepted by God

The goal of all advertising and programming is to create discontent.  But God’s goodness, wisdom and power produce in me a quiet contentment that equips me to face today and every day.  Smile


Comments on: "What’s to Live For?" (2)

  1. Sue Gratz said:

    Thank you so much for these devotionals. You might wonder whether anyone is reading your posts.. Well, I look forward to them and consider you a wise woman. Thanks again!

    • Sue, thanks so much for your encouragement. I do pray these will be a blessing and help to some. It’s a privilege to share in this way. Blessings!

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