Glimpses of grace seen in the everyday

For a few weeks I helped with the homeschooling of my grandchildren.  Among those fascinating things they’re learning, such as the French Revolution and the lives of bats, are the good old “math facts.”  They struggle with the same ones as I did at that age, such as 7 x 8 = 56.  It hasn’t changed. Why?  Because it’s true.

What if a group of kids got together and decided that 7 x 8 = 60?  What if they persuaded a groundswell of public opinion to support it, including church leaders, politicians, math teachers, and corporate leaders?  Would that make it true? Would architects and chemists change their formulas and begin to base their work on this new “fact”?

Note the rationale cited in this article  by Bobby Ross, Jr. dated June 5 on the issue of the Boy Scouts admitting openly “gay” members (emphasis mine):

“Scout leaders, gay activists, religious conservatives and historians of Scouting point to five key factors to explain the shift: 1) a dramatic turnabout in public opinion about the morality of gay relationships and same-sex marriage, 2) a groundswell from corporate leaders insisting on equal access for gays, 3) shifting attitudes inside the two largest religious denominations within Scouting, 4) a steady decline in troop membership and 5) a sense that Scouting’s image had morphed in the public mind from Mom and apple pie to an exclusionary group with a narrowing appeal.”

All of these so-called reasons are human opinions and attitudes.  Do questions of right and wrong depend on changing human opinions and attitudes or on God’s unchangeable character and principles?

No one seriously questions the physical laws set in place by the Creator, knowing that the result would be foolish and probably catastrophic. So why are His moral laws considered fair game for being rescinded by popular vote?


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  1. Well-stated, Donna! Also, I appreciate your latest entry about dear Emmeline. We’re thinking of her now well and happy with Jesus, and of you all there who are missing her.

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