Glimpses of grace seen in the everyday

Friends Forever

The other evening, we attended a get-together of current and former colleagues.  At first, I didn’t recognize the lady just ahead of me in line, but when she turned to face me, her name popped into my mind and I remembered a time many years ago when she had blessed me.

By the time I get home from a few months away, two of my very good friends will have moved away.  I live in a situation where people come and go fairly frequently.  By the time I have finally overcome my introvert tendencies and forged a true friendship, often someone’s moving away.  But others have stayed around for a few decades.

And then I visit friends I haven’t seen for years and we just take up where we left off.  Isn’t God’s family wonderful?  I can attest to the truth of this promise of Jesus:

Everyone who has given up houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or property, for my sake, will receive a hundred times as much in return and will inherit eternal life.  Matthew 19:29

As a citizen of heaven, I know that these precious friendships extend beyond this earth.  In eternity, we’ll have infinite time to sit down and catch up.

Maranatha!  Come, Lord Jesus!


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