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A Modern-Day Daniel

I’ve mentioned Daniel recently in my blog, but he comes to mind again as I think of the courageous stand the Greens, of Hobby Lobby, are taking. 

Like Daniel, they have strong convictions about what God, in His holiness, requires and what He despises.  Daniel and his friends had to make decisions about       

–whether to eat the king’s non-kosher food (chapter 1)
–whether to worship the king’s image (chapter 3)
— whether to worship the king instead of God (chapter 6).

In each case they respectfully refused to be pressured into doing what the government required, choosing to obey God regardless of dire consequences.  And God honored them, using them as showcases of His power and sovereignty to the king and his officials.  In their case, He rescued them from a fiery furnace and from hungry lions.

I thank God for the Greens who are standing as a modern-day Daniel, as a light on a hilltop being viewed by everyone (Mt 5:14-15).  May God bless them and use them to encourage us all to stand for what is right regardless of whatever the consequences may be.

I was deeply moved by a news article yesterday: “Please know that God is good to His church,” one Egyptian Christian said at an interdenominational prayer meeting of more than 10,000 people. “We are really blessed and see this time of tension as a chance for us to work for the Kingdom of God.” 


Comments on: "A Modern-Day Daniel" (2)

  1. Mary and Bill said:

    I agree and pray for God to honor their stand as He did with Daniel….I pray that other Christians will also take a stand. For too long, we have allowed our culture to tell us what we can and cannot do, and now it has come down to a test of the law. May God have mercy on them and all who truly place their trust in Him.

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