Glimpses of grace seen in the everyday

Defining Moment

My husband and I have a defining moment.  A crisis time we can look back to when we know that God was definitely with us and had a purpose for our lives beyond that point.  We were traveling down a narrow logging road through the mountains when he realized that our Jeep had no brakes.  On one side was a mountainside going  up, and on the other side was a steep drop-off.  And coming toward us was a truck with a full load of huge logs.  Pregnant with our second son, I clutched our eldest and prayed like I’d never prayed before.  One of our tribal friends jumped out the back, skinning his arms as he hit the gravel road.  Just in the nick of time, my husband was able to shift down, and guardian angels guided us to the edge of the road as that truck rumbled past.  (Here’s a photo of that old Jeep getting a bath near the river.)

Washing jeep

For the people of Israel, that defining moment was the crossing of the Red Sea.  They were trapped between mountains and the deep sea with elite Egyptian forces breathing down their necks.  But that’s no problem for our great God.  He did the impossible, not only saving their skins but annihilating their enemies at the same time.  This event is alluded to repeatedly throughout the Bible as the grandest of God’s miracles on behalf of His people and a reminder of His enduring love and power. (For a very interesting perspective on the location of the Red Sea crossing, see this website:

Do you have a defining moment you can look back upon when God intervened in a life-changing way?


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