Glimpses of grace seen in the everyday

Truth-Driven Taxi Driver

Today I discovered a new brother—a taxi driver with a 2nd grade education who can’t speak English! 

We were starting home from speaking to a group of college students about the 2000-some language groups in the world that still have no part of God’s Word.  Our main text had been John 3:16 which focuses on God’s love and His gift of eternal life to whoever trusts in His Son.

And now, just minutes later, we were hearing that very thing from the mouth of our taxi driver!  He was doing his best to communicate with us in his language, which we could understand minimally and could speak even less.  But we caught enough to get the gist.   He wanted to be a “worker,” he said (probably meaning full-time ministry), but needs to drive a taxi to support his family.  So instead, he evangelizes his passengers Smile.  What amazing sweet fellowship we had with this newfound brother—across the lines of race, language, education and economic class.  But we are united by the most important thing—our faith in our Creator and Savior.  When we get to heaven, I want to introduce you to him! 


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