Glimpses of grace seen in the everyday

Joseph on a roller-coaster

From favorite-son status

     to a pit, victim of treachery

          to slavery

to a top managerial position

                    to a dungeon on a trumped-up charge

to the position of Prime Minister!

Joseph’s life was a roller-coaster.  While others might emerge from these experiences bitter and angry, the effect on Joseph’s character was quite different.  He went from being a cocky younger brother to being a man of integrity, wisdom, and a tender heart that could truly forgive and love those who had hurt him so badly.

Why?  The Lord was with Joseph in his slavery (Gen. 39:2-6),

                                                       in the dungeon (39:21-23),

                                                       and then before the king who promoted this prisoner to prime minister in one fell swoop! (41:38-40)  And Joseph acknowledged that his hardships were part of God’s bigger plan to do greater things.  (45:5 & 50:20)

So why do I complain?  Joseph’s God is my God too.


Comments on: "Joseph on a roller-coaster" (3)

  1. Doris Schumacher said:

    This is a good one for me to keep as a reminder how God has been with us, too, throughout our lives. How could you write such a devotion when you’re in charge of the large conference?!!?

    • I had a little more time last evening since I don’t give a presentation today as I did Monday and Tuesday. We have a good team of presenters.

      • Doris, I’m glad this spoke to your situation, which I know has been so difficult. I pray God’s blessing will be on you all as you keep focused on Him.

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