Glimpses of grace seen in the everyday

Reality Check

Time with God is like…

…Setting my clock to “real” time after it’s gained or lost a few minutes.

…Calibrating my scale to give an accurate reading so I won’t run into trouble with an overweight letter that won’t go beyond the post office or overweight bag at the airport.

…Tuning my piano. 

In all of these, there is a perfect standard that must be conformed to.  I might try to fool myself into thinking that I’ve got leeway (time or weight) by adjusting my clock or my scale to suit myself, but that won’t make any difference to the officials who operate by absolute standards.

So why do people fool themselves by trying to change the absolute standards that God has established?  For me, that daily “reality check” in God’s presence will help me stay true.   


Comments on: "Reality Check" (1)

  1. So true, for God knows everything even our motives behind our actions. Nothing can be hidden from our creator.

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