Glimpses of grace seen in the everyday

To market, to market…

I had to pry myself out of the motorela, a vehicle built around a small motorcycle.  Two passengers sit beside the driver, and four are jammed into two tiny seats facing each other behind him.

We were coming home from the market.  Our main errand had been to get some peanuts ground, but on the way I couldn’t resist buying flowers:  Orchids at less than 50 cents for a stem of half a dozen blossoms.  And a mini-bouquet of roses for less than a quarter! 


The colors and sights in the market are fantastic—fruits, vegetables, flowers, all kinds of housewares….and then you get to the meat section which is also fantastic but a bit more of a challenge for the nose!

On to the peanut stand.  We’d brought our store-bought dry-roasted peanuts to be ground into peanut butter, but the store sells several varieties of raw peanuts as well as unshelled peanuts, and their own peanut butter (which has sugar and other added ingredients).  The man poured our peanuts into the first electric grinder and put them through at least twice.  Then he transferred it to a finer grinder, oozing pure peanut butter into our Tupperware bowl.  It made a great snack when we got home.

So is there a spiritual lesson in all this?  I think it’s joy and appreciation in the wonderful variety of God’s creation and His grace that allows us to enjoy it.  Smile


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