Glimpses of grace seen in the everyday

Marked-up Books

Two small devotional books have special significance because they came from my parents.  “Joy for the Journey,” by several women authors, was a gift from my mother.  I love it both because of where it came from and because each short page has an insightful article that draws me closer to where God wants me to be.  I scan through this book to review passages that I have marked, such as this by Laura Lewis Lanier:

Do not be afraid to suffer….It is from being shaken apart and not being destroyed that one becomes strong and courageous.

Photo of devotional books

The other is an old,worn book, cover falling off, that I “claimed” from my dad’s collection after he passed away.  It is “Consider Him,” by Vance Havner—a classic.  Dad’s name is written in the front of the book, and many pages are marked with his pencil underlining.  I search through those marked places in a search to know Dad better—what was really in his heart.  Like this, for example:

Some believers live…so afraid of not doing God’s will that they fail to do His will, after all.

I wonder—when I am gone and others look through my books, will they find clues to my heart?  To a heart that seeks the Lord passionately?



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