Glimpses of grace seen in the everyday

In Daddy’s Arms

Our son was calming his fussy two-month-old daughter. As soon as he started singing “Jesus Loves Me,” she stopped crying and fixed her full attention on his face.

Snapshot 9 (2-8-2012 8-44 AM) edited

Then her daddy proceeded to tell her some important things: 

Daddy:  Hi Cadence.  I love you!

Baby:  hee…eeeh

Daddy:  You’re my little girl.  Yes you are.  My precious little daughter.

Baby:  Ooo…eh.

Daddy: I’m your Daddy.

Baby:  (cries more)

Daddy:  (Cuddles her.)  “You gotta calm down.”  (Sings in her ear.)

C:  He…he…he.  (Lays her head on his shoulder.)

Okay now, replay the same scenario but with different actors!  Now I am the baby and God is my Daddy.    

He tells me I am His precious, beloved daughter.  He sings to me, holds me in his arms, close to his heart, whispers in my ear, soothes my troubled soul.

And I?  I don’t comprehend all His words but I do understand that I am loved and that He is strong and everything’s going to be okay. 


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