Glimpses of grace seen in the everyday

Another Italian Shipwreck

The big news right now is a shipwreck just off Italy.  Interestingly, I read this morning about another shipwreck almost 2000 years ago in the same part of the world.  Whatever the cause of the recent one, we know that Paul’s shipwreck was caused by the “majority vote” of the crew to proceed even when Paul, through God’s wisdom, warned of certain disaster.  (See Acts 27-28.)

Here are principles from this story; how might they apply to us?

1.  The majority isn’t necessarily right!  God’s word trumps man’s every time.

2.  Even though a bad decision was made, God was still with Paul and accomplished His purpose (getting Paul to Rome) anyway. 

3.  God took the bad turn of events, based on a bad decision, and turned it into blessing for the people of Malta.

We can rest secure that God’s purposes cannot be thwarted.


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