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Where was the Baby?

When I was a kid, we four siblings would take turns planning our family worship time in the evening.  Occasionally one of us generated an impromptu quiz in which two questions were inevitable (to give our younger brother and sister something easy to answer):  “Where was baby Moses?”  and “Where was baby Jesus?”  

NH 0166

Both of these babies were in quite unlikely places—a basket floating in a river, and a feeding trough. 

Both of them had to be rescued from kings that wanted to kill them.  Both of them rescued their people.  Both of them served as intermediaries between God and people.  Both of them lead/led their people through many hard experiences before finally reaching a wonderful destination.

My father-in-law is about to reach that destination, having walked with the Lord all his life.  As he lies there getting weaker and weaker, we anticipate the joy he will soon experience upon seeing Jesus’ face, feeling His arms around him and hearing His voice saying, “Well done, Son.  Now enjoy your new eternal home.”

Meanwhile for me still wandering around on this dangerous and difficult earth, I want to keep my hand tucked securely in that of my Shepherd.  Hmmm…mixed metaphor!  Imagine a sheep holding the shepherd’s hand Smile


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  1. I just want to let you know, Donna, I’m loving reading what you’ve written! Thanks for sharing!

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