Glimpses of grace seen in the everyday

Controversial Christmas Trees

How controversial can a Christmas tree be? There are a few Christians who reject them because of their “pagan origin.”  But on the other hand, Christmas trees have lately become controversial to unbelievers.  How ironic.

We see in the headlines that Christmas trees have to be called something else, because even the mention of “Christmas” in unacceptable in public.  

Now Korea is another story.  Did you read about the three huge towering “Christmas trees” that South Korea has lighted near the border with their northern neighbors?    This has totally infuriated that northern neighbor.  Why?  Does the Christmas tree mean something that they want to keep out of their dark county?  One might conclude that the tree is not seen as a mere decoration but is, in fact, associated with the message of Christ, shining with light and hope.  I pray that the message of Christmas gets through—there and everywhere. 

Maybe a Christmas tree can be a witness, after all. 


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